August 31, 2006

Sphere. Here.

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Please read the cover story in the September issue of The Atlantic.  James Fallows has been writing a series of articles, and this installment, We Win, A New Strategy for the Fight Against Terror, is excellent. 

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of Sphere, where it used to be, in the middle of a fountain in the WTC plaza.  It’s in Battery Park now, and if you get back to New York sometime, you can visit it. 

August 29, 2006

Photographs and memories…

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DSCF0002.JPG Funny thing.  This is the first image taken from my first digital camera.    It was  taken from our apartment in Battery Park City, just a couple of blocks from the WTC.  On the eve of the 5th ‘anniversary’ of the events of 9/11, many New Yorkers are preparing to ‘remember 9/11′.  I have no trouble remembering the events of that day as the images, sounds and smells are all fully embedded in memory. 

Instead, I would like to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the infamous ‘JoyceAllanRandyJoanneGreatAmericanOregonCoastSpandexLadenBicycleRide and DinnerParty’.  OK, I lied about the dinner party(but not, unfortunately, about the spandex).  We had a great time during the week of 9/3/01.  Here are a few pics.




  This is me performing the very intricate and difficult ‘chickencluckin’ dance.  It is performed in the hopes of warding off flats.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do the dance in time to prevent Allan from flatting the first day.

File0048b.jpgFile0049b.jpg Me, Me, Joyce and Allan

File0053b.jpg Joanne, Joyce and Allan at Seal Rock

Memories, both good and bad, become who we are.  I choose to dwell on the good.


Beehive Comes Alive

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 Ok I admit it.  I’m wasting way too much time today.  But in between chores I clicked on the Old Faithful Web Cam and was rewarded with a rare glimpse of the Beehive Geyser erupting.  Beehive shoots about twice a day, its only warning being the indicator little geyser next to it.  It’s very unpredictable.  It’s way cool in person, but this will do, when I’m far, far away.  I’m going back to work now..

August 28, 2006

Deer gardeners

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deer in yard1.JPGDSCF0038.jpg

This has been a great critter week.  I’ve counted 32 deer, many, many woodchucks and rabbits, two wild turkeys and a giant snapping turtle–all close to the house.  Lots of raptors, other birds, and a few ferrel cats, too.  The deer in these photos were munching on the arbivataes next to the house.  (Winter of 2003 and summer of 2004)  Sometimes when I’m out walking early in the morning, I’ll pass by a deer or two or more munching on the neighbors front lawn.  They are quite tame.  Last year I saw a mother give birth at the edge of our backyard, and another mother nursing two fawns next to the sidewalk.  Pretty soon they’ll have their own neighborhood association.  Maybe they can do something about my neighbor’s new above ground pool, which is practically in my front yard!  grrrrr

August 25, 2006

Stargazing at Kitt Peak

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After 70+ years of being a bonafide planet, Pluto was officially demoted this week to lesser status.  Sad day for Pluto, which could not clear it’s orbit, so it’s eight planets from now on.  Pluto didn’t do anything different, but its status in the scheme of planets changed by definition.  It’s finally found its place on the shelf.

These snapshots were taken about 50 miles outside of Tucson at Kitt Peak Observatory.  This was pre-Noah and Claire, two cute little stars themselves.  We spent a nice few hours there with the Beisels. 

August 23, 2006

Sixty Years Ago

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Sixty years ago today in Driggs, Kelly and DeEtta Driggs were married.  This photo was taken in 2003, with Noah and Ginny.  I don’t think that any wedding photos were taken, but they got married at the Floyd house, and Mother wore a green wool suit, if I remember her story right.  They are celebrating by taking Dad for a service.  He’s a quart low, and will get two units of blood today. 

August 21, 2006

Craig Walks on Water

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Ok, I know what it looks like.  This photo hasn’t been altered in any way.  It’s at String Lake, in the Tetons.  Craig is amazing. 

Nicholas and Tiffany-Ann

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Nicholas and Tiffany-Ann had their fifth wedding anniversary on the 18th.  This photo was taken the next day at the SLC airport, just before they boarded a flight to NYC for their honeymoon.  They are still too adorable for words.  Hope you had a nice anniversary, Nick and Tiffany-Ann. 

Happy Anniversary

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pat and libby stairwell.JPG

Patrick and Libby are celebrating their wedding anniversary tomorrow.  Eight years, to my count.  This snap was taken in Coeur d’Alene at Christmastime a few years back.  But they look the same, the years haven’t added many pounds or wrinkles.  Ah, to be young.  Happy Anniversary, Pat and Libby!

August 20, 2006

Darwin, the Doll.

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PICT0012b.jpg    Darwin, the Doll.

Darwin closed today at the AMNH.  It naturally selected itself into oblivion.  Or actually the Franklin Institute, where it opens in a few months.  I’ve had a couple of days to think about my experience there and I’ve gone from the “I’m tired of this, I’ll be glad when this is over” stage to feeling sad to be finished.  Here are a few things that I learned from Darwin, the Exhibit:

  • More people than you can imagine either own, ate, or gave away iguanas sometime in their life.  I’ll bet even Darwin himself didn’t know that.  But he’d like the eating part.
  • Darwin was an astronomer who invented the Big Bang and climbed the Galapatose Mountains.  (A travel agent told me this tale.)  Her question:  Where do Adam and Eve fit in?
  • It’s ok to say species are Not Unchanging if you are Darwin’s Great Great Grandson.  Double negatives be damned. 
  • People will wear just about anything in public.
  • People will tell you just about anything in public.
  • A sign that says LIVE means robotic to some folks. 
  • It’s about the science. 
  • It’s all about the science. 

Every day that I worked, I talked to interesting people.  I met people from all over.  Newt Gingrich, professors from all over the country.  I took away more than I gave, and learned more details about Darwin’s life than I ever thought I wanted to know.  I worked with wonderful people, and had the opportunity to hear lectures from scientists who excel in their respective fields.  A great gig, and I’ll miss it.  Darwin (the doll) is in my territory now–he’ll spend his days listening to the piano. 


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