September 27, 2006

We should do this more often.

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Linda and I went biking on the Heritage Trail today, the first (and maybe last) good ride of the year.  Last week there were bears sighted on the trail by security cameras and officers near Chester.  Yikes!  We didn’t see any bears, though–just a few fellow bicyclists and mamas pushing their babies in strollers.  And one very large cat, probably a mama herself, playing in the leaves across the way.  It was a very, very good day. 

September 24, 2006

Light and Light

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We’re planning a little getaway before the leaves all turn and drop and the snow comes.  Don’t know for sure where we’re going, but we know where we are staying.  Figure that one out.  These photos are from Massachusetts and Maine.  The sunset is from the Boston Temple grounds, the top is Portland Head Light.  We took these photos while on a little trip with Nicholas and Tiffany-Ann a few years ago, before we moved from the city. It’s a fairly safe bet that we’ll head to Massachusetts, probably Cape Cod for a few days. 

September 21, 2006

Fall is coming…(photos from 2004)

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orrsmill3 fall.giforrsmill2 fall.giforrsmill1fall.gif

Autumnal Equinox is upon us.  Within a month these scenes will be returning to the Hudson Valley.  The first two pictures include a glimpse of the Moodna Viaduct, the train trestle we pass over on our way to the city.  The train station is at one end of it, the opposite end from the mountain.  The view from the train over the trees is amazing.  I really look forward to Fall each year.  The animals all look great, in their summer coats.  This morning a deer and I had a standoff at ten feet.  She just stared and stared, and finally started stomping her feet at me.  I guess I was in her turf. 

The countryside really changes with the seasons out here in New York.  The trip on the train is different in winter.  One sees houses and even whole communities that are invisible through the thick hardwood forest in the summer. 

Enjoy the Fall–wherever you live. 

September 17, 2006

Walk (or swim) to the Light.

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Yesterday afternoon we took a little drive north to Saugerties, and took a little hike out to the lighthouse.  Patrick and Libby generously gave us an overnight in the bed and breakfast there, and we thought we’d check it out before our overnight stay in October.  The second photo is from the beginning of the trail leading to the light.  It’s a half mile walk, through the woods, over foot bridges, next to tidal pools, and during high tide, underwater!  So when we go, we have to pay attention to the tide tables or we’ll be swimming.  It was a lovely walk, and we are really looking forward to this little hiatus.  Our room overlooks the Hudson, so we can watch the sailboats and tugs and barges go by.  Thanks Pat and Libby!

September 15, 2006

Signal Mountain

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Here we are–Ginny, Audrey, and me, with Grandpa Driggs on Signal Mountain in Grand Teton National Park.  This is one of my favorite snapshots.  It was lots of fun to hear Grandpa tell stories up there, wasn’t it?

September 1, 2006

Lion Geyser

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We’re planning a quick trip into Yellowstone next week with Joyce and Lee.  A peek at Old Faithful Web Cam this morning rewarded me with a view of the Lion Geyser erupting.  See you soon, Lion Geyser.  Last May while visited the Lion group we were warned of a grizzly in the area.  Gotta love those geysers.