October 29, 2006


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Sometimes we just float along, and whatever hits us, hits us.  Jellies are plankton, unable to guide their direction.  Transparently beautiful, they are victims of their surroundings.  There’s a lesson in there, somewhere. 

October 26, 2006

Eighteen soles, nine and a half souls.

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I’m into the autobiography again.  I’m about forty pages in, and I’m up to the third grade.  By the time that I get to these lovely people, I might be at three hundred or so!  It’s been quite a ride, remembering all of these little details of my little girlhood.  It helped that Debra and Bruce were here last week, reminding me of different details about growing up in Driggs.  I can’t believe that we’ve lived a lifetime since we were kids, and now we have kids, who have kids.  Here are my kids, and half of their spouses, and half of my grandkids.  Actually Claire’s there, she’s just half baked, hitching a ride from Ginny.  I hope that we can all get together again soon, maybe next summer.  For now:

Good luck to Pat and to Libby, who is not in this photo, on their upcoming adventure, a move to Seattle, which is Libby’s hometown.  Who says you can’t go home again? 

Good luck to Craig on finishing the PhD.  Hang in there with the last few months of nagging classwork.  And thanks for taking the time to take and post great photos of my babies.  Good luck to Ginny on getting sleep, being full time mama to two busy bees.

Good luck to Nicholas, out there in Malibu.  If you have to go to law school, at least you can have a great view during lunch.  Good luck to Tiffany-Ann, on finding great waves to ride on her surfboard, and making a new home in Malibu Canyon. 

Good luck to James on his diet program, and good luck to Audrey with the same.  Good luck to Audrey, with your heavy masters program and work.  Take a day off now and then, you deserve it.  And think about getting a cat next time; they are much easier to leave when you go on vacation. 



October 23, 2006

And at the keyboard…

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Randy is a practicing maniac.  He practices almost every night after dinner.  Here’s proof.  He’s learning very quickly, and will be ready for a concert soon.  We have fun playing duets already.  I started another man on lessons this morning, a young father who is a cop in Brooklyn.  Seems like the guys take to it very well.  You go, Randy!  (I’m really glad he is past the Bone Sweet Bone stage.)

October 22, 2006

Our Lighthouse Adventure

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The folks who restored the Saugerties Lighthouse did a great job.  This is the smaller of the two bedrooms in the lighthouse, the west facing room.  I loved the geraniums in the windows. 


This is the east facing room, which looks out onto the Hudson River.  The Amtrack tracks are across the water, and we listened to trains and watched them zip by.  What a beautiful ride it would be this time of year, through the hardwood forest.  We stayed in this room.


This is the hall window.  Note the geranium.  We sat on the bench and looked at bunches of books on lighthouses.  Randy wants to build one for our deck.  For the deer, or the ducks?  Go for it, Randy.


The hallway which connects the two bedrooms.  The opposing wall opens to a stairway leading up to the light.  It is a working lighthouse, with an eery green glow.  I don’t recall the signature.  We took a late night hike to see the stars and the light from the lighthouse.  The weather had been terrible, with heavy rain and 50 mph winds, but by the time we left for the hike, the rain had stopped.  The wind was freeeezzzzzing cold, though.  The hike was a lot of fun, in the woods on a peninsula where the lighthouse is located.  The trail was partially covered with water, so we had to watch our steps, hiking in the pitch dark with our little flashlights.  It was great.  Randy took the lead, and we only thought we were lost once.  But no, here we are!



October 20, 2006

Light Night Tonight

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So we’re off to the night in the lighthouse.  It’s raining–and under a severe weather threat for high winds.  It will be an adventurous hike out to the light.  Spent a great day with Bruce and Debra in the city yesterday, looking forward to a fun evening in Saugerties tonight.  If you don’t hear from us again, look in the Hudson River.  Just kidding.


October 17, 2006

Two of Three Sisters

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three sisters lights.jpg     We’re into the Dark Season.  Only a tiny sliver of pink over the eastern horizon hinted that day would soon arrive when I drove to the train station this morning.  I couldn’t live in Alaska–I couldn’t handle the dark.  Maybe that’s one reason why I like lighthouses.  Symbolism and all.  These lighthouses are funny–they are in the woods.  Actually they used to be useful lights, but they were purchased and moved onto some property in the woods west of Nauset Light on Cape Cod.  There are three of these sisters–here’s two of them.  They look like they belong in fairy tales.


Chatham Light B.jpg

Chatham Light, on the southern outer cape.  The adjoining beach has the best sand. 

October 10, 2006

Rhode Island is the only state that starts with R

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Off the coast of Rhode Island, this sailboat was one of many on Saturday that mesmerized us as it tacked back and forth.  There was a man fishing from the rocks. 



Here’s a closer view.  Maybe a different boat.  I can’t remember. 



This is me at Point Judith Light, also in Rhode Island.  We marked Point Judith and Beavertail lights on our list on Saturday.  Beavertail is on an island, and was a little challenging to find.  Zeppo did a good job, though.  Unlike the west coast, the east is privately owned coastline, mainly, so it’s a treasure hunt to find and then access many of the lights.  We found Watch Hill light in Rhode Island’s extreme southwest corner, but couldn’t access it because too many HUGE mansions had gobbled it up. 

October 9, 2006

Cape Cod Lights

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woods hole light, nobska.jpg

We just returned from a lighthouse run to Cape Cod.  This light is the Nobska light at Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  Woods Hole is on the western end of the cape, across from Martha’s Vineyard.  Oceanographic researchers are based out of Woods Hole.  The weather could not have been better for our trip.

nauset red lighthouse.jpg

This light is the Nauset light on the Outer Cape.  Like all lighthouses, it has a unique signature.  This light has twin rotating beacons, one red and one white.  Like many lighthouses, it has had to be moved because of beach erosion.  The bluff upon which it sits erodes an average of three feet a year. 

 randy at woods hole.jpg

Here is Randy at Woods Hole, facing the lighthouse, with two fast moving sailboats behind him, and in the distance, Martha’s Vineyard.  We saw and spoke to many bicyclists, and it brought back memories of our Oregon Coast rides.  We added ten more lighthouses to our repertoire, and have mapped out many more for the future.  Thanks, Libby and Patrick, for the American Lighthouses book.  It is a great help!  We use it a lot, in fact, I think I will have it rebound soon. 



October 2, 2006

Buff, Bull, Bear, and Birds.

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bison at old faithfulb.jpg

Here’s a buff that we dodged while hiking around the Old Faithful geysers.  He really didn’t care about us, though.  The animals are really beautiful this time of year, without mange or matt.  They all looked great!


friendly elkb.jpg

This elk was a little more intimidating than the buff, since it was the rutting season.  He really didn’t care, either, and walked very, very close to us.  He had great eyes.

big bearb.jpg

Another bear picture from Dunraven Pass.  They were so cool.


more pelicansb.jpg

These silly pelicans on Yellowstone Lake were all in a row.  Ready for our closeup, Mr. DeMille. 

October 1, 2006

Yellowstone Bears, Moose, and People

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goofy Joyce and Leeb.jpg

Joyce and Lee on the Old Faithful loop.  We were dodging wildlife.  Oh gosh, what a great wildlife day in the Park.  Here are Joyce and Lee, my favorite Yellowstone guides. 

best bearb.jpg

A mama black bear, grazing for food on Dunraven Pass.  She had two babies with her, and she entertained us for quite a while, showing us how fast she can climb a tree.  Don’t ever try to climb a tree to avoid a bear–they can climb fast!

good bear in treeb.jpg

Here’s the mama in the tree.

cute moose walking uphillb.jpg

A short time later we came across another mama–mama moose and her baby, who is climbing up a steep embankment.


Joyce and I at the Echinus geyser, the poor thing.  (The geyser, not Joyce.)  When the kids were little we used to sit here and watch the geyser spout, but it quit erupting regularly a short time ago.  :(