December 28, 2006

forgive the glitch..

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We had a little glitch in our website.  If you submitted a comment and didn’t see it posted, don’t worry, we didn’t bomb you off the site, we just didn’t receive notification of your comments until today.  The problem should be fixed now.  And to all of those who made  comments on past posts, keep ‘em coming.  It’s nice to know our friends are still there and checking the site from time to time. 

fireworks? christmas lights? cher’s hair on fire?

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winter garden xmas 9931.JPG    Here’s a little quiz for you.  Take a guess where, and when this was taken.  Bonus points for you if you can tell me what it is. 

December 25, 2006

Mia and the Manicure

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Mia got a manicure this evening.  It was high time–her acrylics were all gone except one.  In case you wondered how Randy does it, (you couldn’t pay me enough to try this myself) he gets the nails ready by filling them 1/2 full of superglue (notice the gloved hand) and then he sits on the office floor with Mees between his knees.  No, she doesn’t really like it, but she is a pretty good kitty while he trims each claw and then glues the claw covers on, one by one.  When all are in place, he has to hold her for at least five minutes so that she doesn’t chew at them before the glue is set.  That five minutes can seem like an hour to both Mia and Randy.

I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas Day.  Now it’s on to the New Year’s preparations.  I refilled my daytimer with 2007 this morning.  The Christmas tree and lights will stay up for only a few more days before we tackle them and put them to bed for another year.  We didn’t put up all of the decorations this year, since we had no one coming home, so it shouldn’t be too much of a job.  I’m taking the week off from work, and plan to play tomorrow when a city friend trains on up here for an overnight visit.  Our promised rain has arrived, and it’s cold.  It’s that nasty, cold rain that makes you really want for the white Christmas.

So I’m wondering what, if any, New Years resolutions are on everyone’s agenda.  Feel free to share….

December 23, 2006

A Charlie Brown Christmas (tree)

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cbtreeweb.jpg    Nicholas and the Charlie Brown tree in Boise.  The mullet is a nice touch, dates the photo well.  That was the best Christmas tree ever.  Randy was pretty disgusted with Ginny and I for insisting that we buy the scrawny little tree, but we all really liked it.  At least it didn’t hatch spiders all over the ceiling while we slept, like a scene from some horror movie for arachniphobes.  Now we just have an anorexic but tall fake tree. 

We had a play day today with friends, went to the Night in the Museum movie.  It was the first movie I’ve seen in the theatre since 2003, so it was practically a whole new experience for me, and the movie quiz on the screen beforehand was lost on me. I guess I really need to get out more.  The movie was set in the museum where I work on Fridays.  They were filming it when I was working in Darwin last year, and I had heard much about it, so I was game to go.  It was mindless fun.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and your own Charlie Brown trees, if you have them.   Happy Christmas Eve Eve!


December 18, 2006

Mt. Peter Ski Resort

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mt. peter ski.JPG

This is Mt. Peter ski resort, located in southern Orange county, New York.  It’s about a 30 minute drive from here, near Tuxedo, where–of course–Tuxedos were invented.  As you see, it will be a long time before anyone breaks out any skis around here.  Looks like a bunny hill, doesn’t it?  This little place is actually in the middle of a residential area, with houses on both sides and across the street.  Such a contrast from Western resorts, the real deals. 

December 9, 2006


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R&J Jersey City waterfront winter.jpg

This is a four year old photo, taken in 2002 on the Jersey City waterfront, where we used to live.  It was a beautiful, but cold day.  We’ve been living out here for over four years now.  Its seems like we just moved here, though that year we lived in Jersey seemed about ten years long.  We do miss the view, though.  The Empire State building is lighted in green and red for the season, and the Chrysler building is still my favorite.  The only good thing about the days being shorter is that it is dusk by the time I leave the city, and I can see the skyline twinkling during this season. 

December 6, 2006

Near Deer

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Pretty soon the deer will be back to graze on the arbivitaes.  We haven’t seen a single snowflake yet, but it is coming. Often when we get snow, we get two feet at once.  Oh, those crazy Nor’Easters….  This deer was munching outside the family room. 

December 5, 2006


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One of my favorite family photos of all, taken in Coeur d’Alene a few years back.  Audrey was still a BYU student, and Ginny and Craig were living in Moscow (the first time they lived there.)