March 28, 2007

They’re Back! It’s Spring Peeper time again!

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THE PEEPERS ARE BACK!!!  Imagine millions of these in your backyard.  It’s Spring!  It’s Spring Peepers!  Click on this link to hear a clip of the little guys.  (They are tiny, tiny frogs.)  Our swamp is teaming with peepers.  Froggy went a’courting….



March 27, 2007

The Maine Thing

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It looks like a road trip is in our near future.  We’re heading to Maine to check out a place for Beisels.  I’m getting a little cabin feverish after the long winter without leaving town, except for city excursions.  It will be nice to smell the pine trees again. 

March 26, 2007

The Paper Trail

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apt rooftop bpc.jpg

It’s been going on six years since the towers fell.  Randy is on the grounds every work day, taking the PATH through the pit.  I’m there now and then, though not every week.  The Deutsche Bank building is coming down, being dismantled piece by piece from the top down.  It’s still a big mess at the pit.  Construction is coming along on the Freedom Tower (don’t get me started).  The latest angst has been about the possibility of minute pieces and parts of remains that might have been missed–the debris not sifted enough at Fresh Kills, and the possiblity of small fragments left on the site under a road.  Those people are gone–nothing will bring them back.  Let’s get on with it.  For some people, there will never be enough sifting and washing, enough microscopic examinations.  Time to let time do its thing.

This photo is paper on our roof from the WTC, September 2001, someone’s task lists for the day, financial papers that seemed important at the time.


March 18, 2007

Mia shows off her lovely nails.

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s black acrylics.JPG  Mia is happy to let Randy show off her new nails.  They are black this time.  They look great, and it feels much better when she pads now.  Knead on, Ms. Mia!

s black nails.JPG  She loves Randy to hold her, no matter what position she’s in.

 Mia asleep under.JPG  If there’s a patch of sun, Mia’s there.  Here she’s sleeping next to my bed, lounging on her back.  The sun feels good today.

IMG_0009.JPG  The cat nap.


March 17, 2007

A Fish Out of Water

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fish,star in storm.JPG  Yikes! There’s a fish swimming past a bright and shining star on my deck!  We arrived home from the city last night during a raging Nor’Easter.  It was one of those days when I am really happy that we take the train.  It was a nightmare getting onto the train, though.  In Secaucus, the train before ours only allowed a few people on, because it was already full.  When our train arrived, (Randy was already on it, having boarded in Hoboken) there were probably a hundred people crushing on the platform, waiting to get on.  Seems like everyone who lived north of Manhattan wanted to get home while they still could.  It was imperative that I get on that train, since my ride home was on it, actually guarding a seat for me.  It was a feat of will, but I did it.  The snow was fairly light until we passed Harriman, and by Salisbury Mills, it was a blizzard.

morning after storm.JPG  And this is what it looked like this morning, after the storm ended.  In total, we got about 13 inches or so of snow before it turned to sleet and freezing rain.  When Randy went out to clear the driveway again this morning, he could easily walk on top of it.  The top few inches are ice.  Which means no snowman again.  This photo explains the fish and the star, which adorn the patio door. 


March 14, 2007

Moran, the Mountain

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DSCF0014.JPG  Mt. Moran

It’s been several months since I went back home to the mountains.  I have a friend who is going to the west for the first time, to Yellowstone and Grant Teton Parks, in May.  I know she won’t be disappointed.  No matter how far away we go, we always go home. 

We had a very warm day here today, above 70 degrees, but we’re supposed to get 5+ inches of snow on Friday.  That’s spring for you! 

******Beware the Ides of March*****

March 12, 2007

Loaf of Bread Rock

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PICT0021.JPG  The Loaf of Bread Rock

I’m finally out of high school, in the autobiography, that is.  Starting school at BYU.  Some of you who know my history there have expressed curiousity about how I will handle that scene.  I guess you can wait for the book, or the movie. There will be no movie, just kidding.  There are no moving pictures.  It’s been interesting to document my own story, though.  I get lost in the details, lost in the fun of remembering.  I’m on around page 110 already, so if you want to read it, pack a lunch.  The Loaf of Bread rock just makes me smile. It was always cool to be the first one to see it on the way up to Teton Canyon.  “I see the rock!”  ”I saw it first!!” 

March 6, 2007

Self portrait.

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hunched dino.JPG

Some days make me feel like this.  Students who come fifteen minutes late, and without their materials make me feel like this.  Get with it, people! 

So, how was your day?

March 5, 2007

Five Fine Family Members and a doll.

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I’m going out on a limb to say this was taken around Christmastime in 1953.  I’m working on the autobiography, which forces me to try to remember as much as I can about growing up.  Today I wrote about fishing on the Teton River with Dad.  I wish I was on the river with him right now..

March 4, 2007

Wearing the robes.

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DSCF0051.JPGUntitled-3b.jpgfinally graduated.jpgAudrey nice grad.jpg

Here is a handsome big bunch of graduates.  On May 5th, Audrey will pick up another diploma.  She’s walking for her masters at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.  I have to designate Portlands, now that Ginny and Craig are going to be easterners.  Nicholas has one more year of law school.  Craig finished his masters and is still working on the PhD, so there will be a couple more graduations to attend in the future.  Congratulations on all of your hard work.  (L-R:  Libby and Pat at Pat’s Rice graduation, Ginny and Craig undergrad at UofI, Nicholas and Tiffany-Ann at Utah State, Audrey at BYU.)