May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to Ginny!

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ginny patio.JPG  Happy Birthday Ginny!  Ginny was born on a Sunday Morning.  When I got to the hospital in labor, the hallways were dark and there were no signs of life there.  No lights.  Nobody home.  We had to pace the halls, calling out for someone.  “Having a baby here!!”  Eventually someone came out of surgery (there had been an emergency) and checked me in, just in time.  Ginny was born not long after we arrived.  I can’t believe it was #* years ago.  Man, I’m old.   Happy Birthday and many happy returns, Ginny.

May 28, 2007

Mainely a great time!

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build the dam.jpgClaire hat happy.JPG  Here are a couple of photos from the weekend in Maine.  We went to the beach in Portland on Saturday.  Eventually Noah ended up in the water, clothes and all.  Claire loved Randy’s duck noise.  All of the photos are in the photo album (on this site) now.  I miss these little guys already!

May 25, 2007

Another Northern Journey in the works.

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the ghost ship.jpgUntitled-14 copy.jpg   We’re headed to Maine again, for the Memorial Day Weekend, and to celebrate Ginny’s birthday.  We can’t wait to see the Noah and the Claire again.  We’ll see what kind of trouble we can stir up at the Beisels.  I don’t think we’ll see the Ghost Ship again, though.

May 20, 2007

Libby celebrates her birthday today.

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libby and flute.JPG   Happy Birthday Libby!!  It’s hard to believe that we’ve known Libby for over ten years now.  We met her in February 1997 in Chicago–right after a Chicago Civic Orchestra concert that Patrick played in–I think it was Zubin Mehta conducting that night.  We were excited to meet this girl that Patrick spoke so highly of.  I remember thinking that she looked a lot like Sandra Bullock at the time.  Pat must have already been twitterpated, because he ditched us right after the concert for Libby.  We are so happy she’s a member of our family.  Happy Birthday, Libby, and many happy returns.

Patrick and Ginny in days gone by.

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File0086.jpg  Randy and I were scanning a photo of me dancing in a dance recital in 1959 (you didn’t think I’d post that one, did you?) and I came across two interesting photos that are not in the family albums done in 2005.  This photo is of Patrick, age not quuite 3.  I sewed the suit he is wearing.  I made him a blue one just like it, too.  He was the most dapper kid at church on Sunday, for sure. 


File0087.jpg  This photo was taken in August of 1977 in the Driggs homestead.  That’s Cheryl and Allan on the sofa with one of their babes in arms, and Patrick between Allan and I.  I am holding Ginny, not Claire.  I am posting this photo to show how much Claire looks like her mama.  Ginny was 15 months old when this was taken. 



May 15, 2007

The Hike.

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s rainforest hike.jpg  Audrey, Ginny, Noah, Claire and I took a little hike the morning of Audrey’s graduation, in the woods behind her house.  There are miles of trails in the old forest.  This is a phone photo, and I don’t know what the story was with the color, but you get the idea.  It was so much fun to spend time with Audrey, as busy as she is.  Noah and Claire were amazing on the trip, so good for little ones. 

May 13, 2007

The Maine Event

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living room low.JPGhallway low.JPGdining room low.JPGkitchen low.JPGmiddle room low.JPGbay window low.JPGmoving truck low.JPG

Here are some photos from the Beisel’s move.  The last photo is the truck and car parked in front of our house in New York.  The men drove to Maine on Thursday and moved the goods in before we got there on Friday evening.  The kids were so excited when we (Ginny, Noah, Claire and I) crossed the bridge into Maine.  They were really good travelers–having been driven from Moscow to Portland, flying to New York, then driving to Maine.  The other photos are of their new abode, in the “just moving in” stage.  The bedrooms are painted a lilac blue (kids) and the master bedroom is tangerine.  The bathroom has a very cool stained glass window, but I didn’t photo it. All floors are highly polished beautiful hardwood, all rooms freshly painted in beautiful colors.  Have fun in your new home, Ginny and Craig!!  We’re glad you are home.

Motherhood is a Life Sentence, so you better enjoy it!

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mom&dadyoung.jpg  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  You were pretty busy with three little ones when this was taken, around Christmas in 1953.  I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.  And Happy Mother’s Day to Ginny, who is two generations down from Mother. 

May 9, 2007

Two Strong Women

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aud headshot.JPG  Audrey was really happy at graduation.  Randy and I were able to go with her to an open house at her new job, at the MACA school in McMinnville, OR.  She is one of 8 staff members at a small charter school.  It’s a great opportunity to help design a brand new program, a great gig for her.  She’ll be teaching math and science.  Her blog explains more about it. 


ginny patio.JPG   Ginny is looking forward to finishing this marathon trip to her new home, I’m sure.  Randy and Craig showed up surprisingly early–they left Moscow, Idaho at 1pm Friday afternoon and pulled into Washingtonville at midnight on Monday.  Zounds!  They decided to swing by this way instead of going through Buffalo, so that they could rest a few days before finishing the trip.  The kids are having fun playing in the sandbox (Ginny was sitting on the deck watching them when I took this photo). 


May 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Tiffany-Ann!!!

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Copy of PICT0011.jpg  Happy Birthday to Tiffany-Ann, one of my two favorite daughters-in-law.  I hope you had a very wonderful day. 

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