May 31, 2008

Shy Snapper.

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snapper.jpg   Here’s a snapping turtle that was chugging his way to the creek that runs through the wetland.  We were driving along Ahern and spotted him making a run for it along the line where the grass  is mowed.  He stopped moving when we stopped the car, and pulled his head in.  He barely let me take a peak.  I’m glad I had my cell phone with me, so I could get this.  Unfortunately you can’t see his practically prehistoric tail very well, but if you look hard, you can see his serrated tail in the grass.  See, I told you they are ugly.  At least this guy isn’t covered in mud.  It would have been nice to have an object to show scale, but you get what you get.  His shell was about a foot long.  Pretty good sized guy–he’s probably been around for a while.

May 29, 2008

They knew they were Pilgrims

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mayflower-steps-ferry.jpg  I’m obsessed.  I’m writing a play about the Mayflower.  Actually, it’s not about the Mayflower, but about a family discussing their options–you know–do we sail, or not?  Anyway, it’s taken over my life.  At least today it has.  I’m in the research phase still.  Today I read a most interesting letter written by the group’s pastor, John Robinson, which was read onboard the Mayflower to the passengers prior to their departure from England.  Basically he talked about basic Puritan values of repentence and making peace with God and their own consciences, and then he admonished them at length on mainly one issue–that the pilgrims should avoid giving offense to each other, and to avoid taking offense when none is intended.  The language was much more formal and 17th century-like, but you get the idea. 

Not bad advice in the 21st century, either. 

But especially good advice on a vessel crowded with Pilgrims and Strangers.  See, I told you I’m obsessed.  (The photo is of their place of departure.)  I’ll let you know how the play’s coming along. 

She looks like the mama, but she isn’t; she’s the auntie.

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Ginny&Gavkiss1.jpg  ginoutdoors.jpg  No, Ginny has not had another baby.  The little one is Gavin, Nick and Tiffany-Ann’s bundle of pure joy.  Happy Birthday to Ginny (tomorrow), the next in line for birthday greetings.  Happy Birthday to You! 

May 24, 2008

Five passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour.

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arrh1.jpg  Nick took the helm for a little pirate time on the post-graduation sail.

boatload2.jpg  There was a boatload of folks on the vessel.

gin,nick,gregg.jpg  Ahoy there!  Ginny might have spotted land.  Or a seagull.

ginny_nicksailing.jpg  Lookin’ good, Ginny and Nick.

ginnyclosesailing.jpg  Watching the compass so she wouldn’t end up on Gilligan’s Island.

gregg&randy.jpg  Gregg Olsen was kind enough to take five passengers on a three hour tour.  Randy loves to go sailing with Gregg, Nick’s father-in-law.

greggteaching.jpg  Gregg is teaching Ginny something about the sport.  I think she really enjoyed the day.

moregreggteaching.jpg  She loved it.

randy,nick,ginny.jpg   Thanks to Gregg for a very fun day out on the water! 

May 20, 2008

My son, the educated one.

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getting it.jpg  We’ve been out of town.  Malibu.  Law School Graduation.  Here’s a question for you:  What’s better than getting your law degree?  Getting a Masters in Dispute Resolution at the same time.  Here’s a photo of Nicholas receiving one of the above on a beautiful day in Malibu, California at the Pepperdine Law School graduation ceremony.  That’s Ken Starr handing him the parchment.  Yes, that Ken Starr.  He’s the Dean of the Law School.  Nicholas worked very hard for the last three years to get both Masters and a JD at the same time.  He had a lot of help and support from Tiffany-Ann, who had her own little project going.  (Gavin) Later that afternoon Gregg (Nick’s father-in-law) took Nick, Randy, Ginny (thanks for coming) and Taylor (brother-in-law) sailing.  We arrived home in the wee hours this morning.  I miss them already.  Do the stretch, Gavin!  Do the stretch!   


Lots of Raicharts have May birthdays. It’s Libby’s turn today!

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libby.jpg  Happy Birthday to Libby, Happy Birthday to Libby!  Hope you are having a great day! 

May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tiffany-Ann!

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nickta.jpg   Happy Birthday, Tiffany-Ann!  Here you are the day after your wedding, about to board the plane to New York.  Seems like a long time ago?  You’ve come a long way, Baby..  We hope you have a wonderful day. 

May 4, 2008

Weenie roasting.

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kelly_hot_doggin.jpg  Joyce and Sally and Suzanna and all of their kids and Grandma and Grandpa Driggs had a weenie roast yesterday.  I am not making this up.  They cleaned up the sticks around the outdoor fireplace, and set a match to it.  Notice the big deal:  no snow left in the backyard.  I hope Joyce doesn’t mind that I posted this.  How fun this looks!

Happy Birthday to You.

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n&tastringlakelow.jpg    Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!!!!!!!! 

May 2, 2008

Nicholas Finished!

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PICT0002.jpg  Congratulations, Nicholas (and Tiffany-Ann, without whose support it wouldn’t have happened) on finishing school.  Today was Nick’s last final.  Not counting the California Bar Exam, of course.  We’re proud of you, and looking forward to coming out to graduation, and to meet little Gavin.  (Claire insists his name is BABY Gavin.)  Have some celebratory Kool-Aid.  Or Jello.