June 29, 2008

In the Leafy Treetops the Birds Sing Good Morning…

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Randy sat at the computer this afternoon editing music tracks.  (I spent an hour on Friday recording some Primary tunes for a friend and the grandkids, and Randy was doing his thing, getting them converted from the minidisc.)  When he finished, he punched them up to give them a listen on Real Player, and to his surprise, a screen saver popped up and it happened to be a little lamb, swaying to the music in the field.  Everybody say ahhhhh. 

This isn’t my best effort, for sure, but it was really fun recording the little kid tunes, and it took me back to my days in Primary (a LONG time ago..) when Denise Rammell used to teach us songs using the stair-stepping method of music conducting.  We went to Primary on Thursday afternoons, after school, carrying our bibles in little book bags made by our mamas.  Oh, those were the days. 


June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Patrick.

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File0038b2.jpg  Happy Birthday to Patrick.  Hey, Pat–this was a long time ago, wasn’t it?  I’ll bet you remember that bike trip well.  It was our first multi-day ride, with Lana Grover making the 4th on our team.  That was some screamin’ descent down Galena Summit.  Remember the blind guy on the tandem?  And the 20 degree weather at Redfish Lake?  Check out Dad’s moustache.  Woah, those were the days.   I hope you had a great time camping with your friends to celebrate your birthdays. 

June 16, 2008

It’s finished. Sort of.

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pilgrim memorial provincetown.jpg  Randy will be very happy about this–I’ve finished the first draft of the play.  Not that this means I will be any less obsessed with the Mayflower.  I have come to know a whole boatload of Pilgrims in the process, and I will miss them. 

FYI, if you happen to see the trailer for the Incredible Hulk movie, pay attention to the music.  The trombonist is Patrick.  He’s been gigging movie soundtracks lately, including a new Tom Cruise film (which Pat says is really bad, by the way).  If you’re in Seattle this July/August and are anxious to see some Verdi, check out the Seattle Opera production of Aida.  Patrick will be in the onstage band.  I hope he has to wear a big Egyptian costume. 

June 15, 2008

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

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June 9, 2008

The village bear.

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bear climbing treeb.jpgbest bearb.jpg 

We live in a small town.  Two stoplights.  The big social events always happen at the firehouse, and usually involve a “penny social” or a pancake feed with the volunteer firemen.  Here in the Village we have a reverse 911 system.  The Village calls the residents and leaves a recorded message that it deems important.  Usually it goes something like this:  “There will be a parade in the Village of Washingtonville at 10 am tomorrow, sponsored by St. Mary’s church.  Please join us.  Main street between the high school and North STreet will be closed between 10 and 10:30 for the parade.”  Sometimes they call to tell us that they are going to repair a street.  Last week the message was:

Stay in your homes!  An armed person robbed the Hudson Bank at gunpoint.  He’s on the loose on foot.  He’s armed and dangerous.  Stay in your homes!  Lock your doors!  Lock your windows!

 Today’s message was the best ever:

There’s a bear on the loose on Ahern Boulevard, last seen in the vicinity of Ahern and Decker lane.  Stay in your homes!  Lock your doors!  Lock your windows!  Do NOT approach the bear! 

 Ahern is a block from my house.  Dang, I missed the excitement, though.  No bear sighting here today.  The bears in the photos are Yellowstone bears 


June 6, 2008

And the birthdays keep coming…

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GetAttachment.jpg   Happy Birthday to James!  We hope you had a great day.  James is taking the plunge and going back to school this fall for his Masters in Teaching.  I guess Audrey has had so much fun in the classroom that James decided he’d join the fun.  Have a great summer, James!