July 29, 2008

Holy Moly

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Just talked to Nicholas.  I know–he’s in the middle of taking the California Bar Exam.  Seems that he was about ten minutes to the end of the first session when the earthquake hit.  Tiles falling from the ceiling.  He laughed out loud and then finished the question.  But I’ll bet it woke him up.  (He’s taking the test in Ontario, close to the epicenter.) Thanks, Nick, for calling the mom.  If you want more information on the quake, go here. 

July 25, 2008

Maybe that’s why it’s called an electrical current.

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Earlier this week we had a lot of rain.  One afternoon while I studied at the dining room table, Mia lounged about in front of me, and occasionally reached out for a nuzzle, a belly rub, and a good stretch.  As she stretched she spread her toes, and turned her head upside down, to change her point of view, I guess.  I stretched, too, and looked over at the piano.  The grand one.  That’s when I saw it.

The puddle of water.  Under the piano.  A very large puddle, maybe two feet across.  I can move pretty quickly when I want to.  I checked the piano–no water on top, no water on the ceiling high above, no water on the window sill next to it, no water around the window casing.  Mia?  Mia the fat cat had been asleep for hours in the same spot, next to me.  She’s extraordinarily fastidious about her catbox behavior, anyway.  I grabbed a towel and jumped under the piano, determined to find the source of the flood, and rescue my floor from the curse of the warp.  You can imagine my shock to see water flowing from the electrical outlet next to the piano.  Well, maybe shock is a poor word to use here. 


What to do?  By that time, the water was just a trickle, but I was so surprised that I didn’t really know what to do.  NOW I know that if it happens again, I need to quickly pull the breaker. At the time I figured, if we hadn’t had an arch, or explosion, or fire or whatever yet, we were ok.   But who knows if I’ll be home the next time it rains, or maybe we’ll be asleep?  Anyway, we’ve got a name of a guy.  I just hope we get this puzzle solved before it rains again.  We’ve got a theory on it. 

In the meantime, I’m letting the outlet dry out really well and playing the piano in the dark.

July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Claire, who is 3 years old today.

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bigeyes.jpg  Happy Birthday to Claire, who is three years old today.  Here she is with her favorite baby, Blue.  I don’t know why she named her Blue.  She just did.


July 13, 2008

Do you feel like this, too?

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stibnite.jpg   I’ve had a prickly day.  Few days, actually.  Lots of little obstacles, nothing major, just prickly.  I think Stibnite and I have a lot in common. 

July 6, 2008

Vermont looks suspiciously like New Hampshire.

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     vermont sign.jpg  We took a little drive, this time up the Taconic, through the Berkshires, across Vermont and New Hampshire to Maine.  Fourth of July picnic time.  On the way, driving through Vermont, we came across (quite by accident) Brigham Young’s birthplace. BYoungbirthplace.jpg  While driving along a little country road, we came upon this historical site sign:  Brigham Y sign.jpg  Across from the sign was a little general store with a post office in it, too.  I went in and asked the storekeeper about Brigham, and he was happy to direct me up the road a few blocks, where Brigham was born.  The monument was under a tree, sort of.  The tombstone-looking monument says he was a man of Courage and Superb Equipment.  OK.  Then we motored on up to Maine, to the Beisel’s place. frontbeisels.jpg  Here is Claire running through the sprinkler in their backyard.   clairesprinkler.jpg   Noah didn’t really like his picture taken too much this trip, but he was too busy having water fun to care when I snapped this one.   noahclairesprinkler.jpg     shrugstroller.jpg   I caught Claire having some babydoll fun in her bedroom.  She’s a good mama to her baby Blue.  We went to the beach on the 4th, but I left my camera home.  Craig spent about an hour and a half actually swimming in the ocean.  The water temperature was 63, I heard.  It was a fun day.  Later he used his new bbq grill for the first time, and we ate heartily before we took a walk in Baxter Woods.  We hope to go back in September for a bike ride.