September 26, 2008

Birdie Ball All Around.

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Clairebadm3.jpgClairebadm2.jpgClaire jump badm.jpgClaire badm.jpg  Claire got a little net action in when we were in Driggs.  That’s Nicholas in the background.  Claire’s got game, as you can see.

Ginny ready2.jpgginny ready.jpgGinny takes a shot.jpgNick badM.jpgNick reaches for birdie.jpgNick serving.jpgpat looking up.jpg

Ginny, Patrick and Nicholas played some birdie-ball and enjoyed themselves like they were little kids at Grandma’s.  It was unseasonably warm, and all took advantage.  I miss them already.

September 24, 2008

The carrot story.

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farmer claire & carrot.jpg  Farmer Claire reaped a carrot from Joyce and Lee’s garden.

joyce helps wash.jpg  Joyce helped her wash it.

scrubbing.jpg  She used a veggie brush, of course.

morescrubbing.jpg  I can do it myself.

showing the work.jpg  See?

taking carrot for ride.jpg  Taking the carrot for a ride on the greenway in St. Anthony.

pulling joyce.jpg  Taking Aunt Joyce for a ride, too. 

September 9, 2008

Climbing the ladder, Maine style.

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pemaquid.jpg  The Pemaquid Lighthouse again.  So beautiful, this coast.

randyonrocks.jpg  On the rocks below the lighthouse.  You can see Randy, and Ginny with Claire exploring the rocks.  Everyone played for about an hour out there.

fromlight.jpg  I sneaked away just before five p.m., because I had a hunch they would close the lighthouse to visitors at five.  The guide closed the gate behind me, in fact.  They allowed groups of four to climb into the top to the lamp room.  Luckily for me, I was a group of one, and I was able to sneak into the third to the last group going up, since there were only three of them.  I didn’t have to wait.  After climbing the very narrow and steep spiral staircase nearly to the lamp room, I had to shimmy up a vertical ladder to a platform above, sans handholds at the top.  Gees, Louise, it was an adventure for this vertically phobic person.  But I did it!  And this view was my reward.

light.jpg  The top area was so small, it was difficult to take a good photo of the light, since it was so close. 


September 7, 2008

A Shaker village, some bikers, and a lighthouse

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noahshakervillage.jpg  While in Maine last weekend, we visited a Shaker Village.  Noah starts his first day of kindergarten tomorrow.  Good luck Mom and Dad!  He really liked the old farm implements at the Shaker place.

biker.jpg   noahfly.jpg  We drove to Owl’s Head to a transportation museum.  (see ornithopter post below)  There was a biker exhibition going on, and there were probably 1000 bikers there.  The loudspeaker blared Joplin and the Animals, and it felt like the 60’s again.  Claire and Noah found the kiddie rides.

clairepolice.jpg  Claire was serious in reporting crime.

pemaquid2.jpg  On our way home, we stopped at the Pemaquid lighthouse.  Holy cow what a pretty place.  This is something like lighthouse number 70 or so for us. 


September 4, 2008

Claire and Noah (and Baxter) at home.

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Grandkid photos.  Claire likes to pose.  Noah seldom sits still for it, though this time, the stone wall provided a high spot for him.  Also in the photo:  Baxter, the new old cat without a tail, who is the upstairs pet at the Beisels.  Yes, they have a downstairs pet, too.

September 3, 2008

The Ornithopter.

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IMG_0002.JPG  You have to love it for its name.  Darn thing won’t fly. 

You can’t holler down our rain barrel.

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IMG_0009.JPG  Everybody sing:  “I don’t want to play in your yard.  I don’t like you anymore.  You’ll be sorry when you see me sliding down our cellar door.  You can’t holler down our rain barrel.  You can’t climb our apple tree.  I don’t want to play in your yard, if you won’t be good to me.”

Ginny and Craig added two rain barrels and a very cool gate to their backyard, and I couldn’t resist the old song lyrics. 


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IMG_0015.JPG   When I was about 8 years old, I made this mosaic out of colored rocks.  I gave it to Ginny, and now it hangs in Claire’s room.  Everybody say “ahhhhh.”