October 23, 2008

Pequots and Wampanoags. And a very weird Mayflower guy.

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foxwoods.jpg  This is the mother of all casinos.  Foxwoods, near Mystic, Connecticut.  It’s owned by the Pequots.  Wonder where I was when I took this poor photo?  (It really is a massive complex that you have to see to believe.)  We were high atop the observation tower at the pequot museum. 

IMG_0003.JPG   This guy sat on the chamber pot on the Mayflower II and answered my questions.  He was friendly enough.  When I asked if I could take his photo, he said “I haven’t got one.”  Then he rambled on and on about how pleasant I was.  Ok.

mayflowerII.jpg  When disembarking the ship, we had to go through customs.  I’m not making this up.  The Wampanoag Immigration Patrol Customs Division was set up at the end of the gangplank.  (Is that what they call that board you walk on?)  Some sample questions on their form:  Destination in Wampanoag Nation: (Patuxet, aka Plymouth)  Other Native Nations visited since arrival on Turtle Island (this continent):  I answered Pequot.  The girl at the inquiry table loved that we went to the Pequot museum. She was, of course, Wampanoag. I had to agree to attend a minimum of one powwow or public cultural event and learn the history of the Wampanoag Nation.  Also, to refrain from participating in any practices that would, among other things, use sports logos or gestures perpetuating old stereotypes.  So I won’t be attending any sporting events at Teton High School.  (As if I ever did.  Time to retire the Redskin logo, folks.)  At the end of the inquiry, I did receive a passport stamp.  So I’m here legally.  Randy sneaked away and is on the lam. 

October 13, 2008

We took a little ride to see what we could see.

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beach trail cc.jpg  We took a little bike ride on this trail. 

And ended up here:

cape coad beach north.jpg   We’ve been trying to get away to Cape Cod each Columbus Day–the tourists are gone, for the most part, (except us and a few locals, of course) and the weather is still good enough to ride, at least in some years.  We also spent a little time in Plymouth so I could finish up research for a play I’m writing.  Thank you, Mayflower passenger:

 newest friend.jpg  

October 2, 2008

4 generations minus 1

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ginny,claire,m&d.jpg  The second generation was taking the photo.

IMG_0004.JPG  My current favorite photo of Claire.  She really loves to pose.

IMG_0021.JPG  Dad was amused with Gavin.  Gavin was amused by Great Grandpa.

IMG_00011.JPG  Tiffany-Ann doing what we do.  Read to the kids.  Ginny estimates that Claire does 100 books a day.  Yep.  If you skip a line, she says “please read it properly.”


October 1, 2008

Domesticated Arts

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 chili sauce.bmp  Saturday we hit the Tuxedo farmer’s market for tomatoes, and eventually they joined the peppers, onions, and spices in a big pot.  I have an old family recipe for chili sauce, sans hot chilis, and while it’s cooking, the wonderful aroma reminiscent of fall wafts over the neighborhood.  It also clears sinuses.  To say it’s a strong aroma is an understatement.  It’s more than that–it’s a traditional, comfort thing.  I’m sending some to Mom.

IMG_0001.JPG  Ta-Da!