December 31, 2008

Good mojo.

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oldfaithbeehive1231.jpg  Hot dang!  This must be a good omen.  Today I checked the Old Faithful Web Cam, and got two for the price of one–Beehive and Old Faithful erupting at once.  It was much cooler on the video…Beehive is unpredictable and only erupts about twice a day, so the odds of me clicking on the web cam at just the right time must be pretty slim.  Happy New Year to ME!

And Happy New Year to YOU!

oldfaithinwinter.jpg  beehiveinwinter.jpg 

December 25, 2008

The snowman in the dark.

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snowman.jpg    Merry Christmas to all.  Enjoy the snow out there in the west.  This was the Coeur d’Alene snowman I made in the middle of the night, to surprise my neighbor.  The surprise to me was the neighbor’s dog.  I had a neighbor who had cancer, and the long dark winter days depressed her, so one night I decided to build a snowman outside her kitchen window.  The idea was to make her smile when she opened her curtains and he smiled at her.  Unfortunately their noisy dog had other ideas, so there was no sneaking around in their yard.  I just made it in mine in the middle of the night.  She saw it the next morning and called, having figured out what happened by the tracks in her yard.  She loved it, the snowman made in the dark. 

December 22, 2008

This is what a seven foot snowfall looks like.

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Libby posted a great slideshow of the storm of ‘03 on Mountain Songs, which is a link on the blogroll to the right.  Patrick and Libby survived (and I don’t use that term lightly) a storm that dropped an incredible seven feet of snow.  There are 32 photos in the slideshow, and it’s well worth a browse through them all.  Zounds!


December 21, 2008

Yes, we have snow now.

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deck122108.jpg  Yes, we have snow, too.  It started to snow on Friday at 11:15am, and this is what we ended up with.  The sun came out this afternoon at about 3.  We got about 14 inches total.  I love the quiet.  It’s been too cold for good snowman snow, though.  That will have to wait.

randysmile.jpg  So Randy and I went for a walk to the swamp.  Randy’s smiling because he’s finished with the snow blowing for a while, probably.  Last night we went with friends to the Westchester Broadway Theater production of A Wonderful Life.  How fun, how Christmasy. We’ve been looking forward to it for a month, and we’re glad we didn’t have reservations for Friday night, because the storm cancelled the production.  No church again because of the weather.

Audrey and Patrick are snowed in.  Ginny is in a blizzard.  It’s winter.  I think Nick and TA might be surfing, though. 

December 15, 2008

Holiday fun in NYC

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avery fisher.jpg  The stage waits for the double brass quintet that’s about to blast us nearly into Weehauken.  The annual Canadian Brass/NY Phil. Brass Holiday Concert.  The CB has a new trumpet guy who can hit notes only dogs can hear, I swear.  We go every year–a great way to begin the season.

breakdancers.jpg  Before the concert, we took in a little local dancing at Columbus Circle. 

timewarnerctrgreen.jpg  The Time Warner Center has a great view of Columbus Circle–with green stars…that turn to…

timewarnerctrpurple.jpg  purple, and red, and orange, and yellow.  I love the city during the holidays.  The Rockefeller Christmas tree, the windows on Fifth Avenue and Macy’s. 

statue.jpg  The strangest statue.  This guy is tall.  How funny is that?

December 2, 2008

Monster Mini and Gingerbread Houses

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claire throws.jpgclaire throws2.jpgarcade claire.jpgyippy claire.jpg  Somewhere in this grandma’s twisted mind came the idea to take the kids to play Monster Mini Golf the day after Thanksgiving.  No, I don’t have photos of the event–it’s quite impossible to catch the cool action under the black lights.  Monster Mini is an indoor miniature golf course, with the course set up under blacklight.  The holes are all built with raised and glow-in-the-dark borders, and the golf balls and the holes also glow-in-the-dark.  And it is dark as night in there.  Monsters?  Of course there are monsters, mummies, coffins, the whole nine yards.  Or 18 holes.  It was hilarious, mini putting to the Village People singing in the background.  Claire (3) did great, opting to hit her glowing pink ball croquet style.  Afterward, Claire tried her hand at the pitching game.  She loved it, as you can see.

beisel gb house.jpgserious business.jpgstarting to decorate.jpgclaire,noah,gb house complete.jpg  The Beisels got a start on my Christmas decor for this year.  How cool is that?  Thanks for the ginger bread house, Noah and Claire.