May 26, 2009

The long, long shadow.

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train trestle from high.jpg  Friday morning at about six-thirty we took the train to work in the city.  Clean train windows prompted me to quickly turn on my phone so I could snap a few from the trestle.  What a beatiful morning it was.


train testle shadow.jpg   And what a long shadow we cast.  We worked in the city until noon, then took the train back home so we could head up to Maine for the weekend.  We left Washingtonville at 3:45 p.m.  and arrived in Portland at 9:30, after stopping for dinner in Massachusetts.  So fun–we had a great weekend with the Beisels.  I can’t wait to escape again. 

May 20, 2009

Baby Birds’ First Portrait.

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PICT0006med.jpg  These babies are getting ready to fly the nest. For the past few years, a mama robin has built her nest in the eaves of our deck, out of the way, hidden from view.  Randy, being tall, lifted his arms high and aimed the camera blindly to get this shot of the little guys.  We knew they were in there from watching mama. 

PICT0001med.jpg  They are protected well.  Even though we don’t get close to them, really, the mama was very mad at me yesterday when I sat on a chair on the deck above them.  She scolded me mightily.  Maybe she knew we had photo plans for her little ones.

May 9, 2009

Boats or Bunnies.

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north cove 09.jpg   North Cove, Battery Park City, Manhattan.  This was our old neighborhood.  Yesterday afternoon after work at the AMNH, I took the train downtown to study for a while in my spot at the WFC.  There’s a quiet little public space with tables that I use for studying fairly frequently.  After I finished, I went outside to the plaza next to the North Cove and watched the crew from the Manhattan Sailing School work on their little bobbing boats.  Just coming into the cove are two Coast Guard vessels, and there are a couple of yachts and the Nantucket, a light ship, also in the cove. It was fun to be back down at the old haunt for a nice afternoon of water watching.  Sometimes I really miss being downtown.

But between yesterday and today I recorded seeing 10 egrets, (maybe there were more, but that was all I could count) a baby rabbit trying to outrun our car, a chipmunk making it across the road just in time, 5 deer in our yard, two swans, a turtle, and a turkey.  

Life in the country is ok by me.   

May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Bones.

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Nicholas alone.jpg  Happy Birthday Bones!  The story of your birth:  You were born in Boise’s St. Luke’s Hospital after a mad dash to the hospital.  Poor Dad–he was panicked he would have to deliver you himself.  Before leaving for the hospital, I sent Patrick to Primary (it was held on Thursday afternoons in 1978), and before he arrived home from Primary, he had a little brother.  I can’t believe it was 30+ years ago.  I hope you have a wonderful day.