June 21, 2009

One more lighthouse.

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Scituate.jpg  Scituate Lighthouse, Scituate Massachusetts. This one was sort of tricky to find and photograph without people in range.  The light is at the end of a point with great houses leading right up to the property, and evidently Scituate Lighthouse is a destination for local bicyclists, because we passed several along the route, and chatted with a few at the lighthouse.  I think all of the visitors were local people except for us.  We can put a few more lighthouses on our list this weekend. 

On Friday we drove up the Boston Post Road (US1) along the Connecticut coastline to Newport, Rhode Island.  We lucked out the entire weekend–no rain–it skirted us all three days.  This meant Cliff Walk for us.

cliff walk (2).jpg  breakerscw.jpg  gatsby (2).jpg  Breakers Front.jpg

We were there late in the day, just before 5, so we didn’t do the indoor tour.  We can only imagine what the Cliff Walk must be like during a storm. 



June 20, 2009

Deathwish Piano Movers.

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deathwish piano movers1.jpg  Deathwish Piano Movers, driving into Peabody, Massachusetts today. This amused us for hours, thinking of their other possible businesses:  Deathwish Flight School, Hang Gliders and Bungy Jumping.  Deathwish Drum Studios and Bagpipe Cellar. 

And Happy Birthday to Patrick, who is 35 today.  A big day. And a big deal to us, in case anyone doubts it.

June 13, 2009

A snake and some grass.

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IMG_0001.JPG    IMG_0002.JPG  It was critter day at our household today. We spent the day working outdoors, and this scared little snake wasn’t happy about being chased under the deck.  I tried to snap a photo of his forked, red tongue, but he was too quick for me.  He eventually took refuge under the deck.  There are probably loads of snakes under there.  Just kidding.  A ferrel cat hides out there, and they probably don’t like to split the rent. UPDATE:  Under our deck this morning:  a chipmunk, a snake, a ferrel cat, a groundhog–and who-knows-what else.   It’s the new Washingtonville Zoo.   Rent free.   If a skunk shows up under there, we’re in trouble. 

IMG_0003.JPG  This indoor critter loves her cat grass.  I let the grass grow until it’s about six inches long, and then she mows it off again.  Mia the fat cat.  A piano family gave Mia the grass planter and grass. 

June 9, 2009

The catcher in the grass.

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Noah loves a catch.  Ginny said he will do it for hours on end, if he can.  He’s got quite an arm for a lefty six-year old.  Randy took a boatload of photos of him playing catch with Craig when we were there over Memorial Day.  He has a long arm, for sure, and he’s fearless.  Atta boy, Noah!  He called tonight to tell us the tooth fairy came–he lost his first tooth this week!