September 20, 2009

Mr. Tree and Nubble Light

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state line.jpg             trail to bash bish.jpg              mr. tree.jpg

Folks who haven’t spent much time in the East might think that we are surrounded just by asphalt and steel, but this is a good example of the type of terrain that Massachusetts and New York share.  The signs point out the state line, and the middle photo is on the trail to Bash Bish Falls, which is in Massachusetts.  The Tree Man on the right is the result of someone’s active imagination, and perhaps a lost pair of sunglasses.  Can you see his face?

nubble in morning.jpg  The day after we hiked to Bash Bish, we drove up to Maine to see the Beisels.  Sometime I’d like to photo Nubble Light in the evening, but we always seem to be there in the earlier morning hours.  It’s a very beautiful light, east of York.  Very little east.  You’d end up in the Atlantic if you were any farther east. 

September 10, 2009

Putt putt golf, Maine style.

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claire by waterfall.jpg  On Labor Day weekend, we all went putt putt golfing in Brunswick, Maine.  Here’s Claire making a shot by the waterfall, in front of her dad and grandpa. 

craig 7 claire.jpg  She’s taking a little rest while Craig takes his turn.  I think the new backpack added a little handicap to her score–she had quite a load in it, all ready for the first day of preschool this week.

Noah.jpg  Noah figured out where the balls went when they disappeared at the 18th hole. 

ginny.jpg  Ginny has fine form.   Fun all around.  After golf and lunch, we visited the Peary museum on the Bowdein campus.  Lots of cool stuff in there, for sure.

September 7, 2009

Bash Bish. Not Bish Bash.

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IMG_00062.JPG  Bash Bish beckoned and we took the bait.  These falls are in the extreme southwest corner of Massachusetts, and to get to them, it’s easiest to follow a trail from the New York side.  It’s a short little hike, less than a mile in.

IMG_0013.JPG  Though it looks a little like Stonehenge straightened here, this is actually Thoreau’s cabin site.  To get here, take a walk around the perimeter of Walden Pond, near Concord, Massachusetts.  Soon the townsfolk will be finished swimming and playing in the pond, and the transcendentalists will be back, pondering on the banks while pacing back and forth, back and forth.