January 13, 2010

More Holiday Fun with Beisels and LA Raicharts

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Gavin close web.jpg Gavin checks out the bowling alley.

 ntagbonesweb.jpg  Nick, Tiffany-Ann and Gavin with bony friend.

Claire bowlingweb.jpg Beautiful Claire.  Hey, where’s the look?

 Noah bowlingweb.jpg   Noah. 

nick&Gavinweb.jpg  Gavin and his dad.

Late Lights

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IMG_1296web.jpgIMG_1295web.jpg  I know this is about a month too late for Christmas light photos, but I promised a friend who lives in the city that I’d post these.  To get the biggest bang, click on the one on the right and enlarge it.  There’s a house near us that gets decorated for every darn holiday there is–you name it, not just Christmas and Halloween, but Easter, July 4, Flag Day, etc.  My one regret in this photo is that the gazebo in the backyard is not visible.  We took Gavin to see the house, and when Randy started to drive away, Gavin let us know he was sad about leaving the gaudy display. 

January 10, 2010


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ta & Gavin bowlingweb.jpg  Tiffany-Ann and Gavin were team bowling.  Gavin was on my team, too.  He got a spare.  I bowled a 40, a new all-time low high.  Yeah, me.  TA has a hat on because it was about 60 degrees in the bowling alley.  The last time I went bowling, they still allowed smoking in the alleys. 

January 9, 2010

Sledding in New York

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ta & gavin sled web.jpg  Nicholas, Tiffany-Ann and Gavin enjoyed a little snow action on December 30.  Though he looks like he can’t move, Gavin had a good time in the snow.  I think his mama did, too.  I’ll post many more photos of the holiday with Beisels and LA Raicharts soon.  We miss you guys! 

January 7, 2010

Iuvenis in perpetuum

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joanne.jpg   Happy Birthday, Joanne!

You were a fox then and you are beautiful now…

Have a very happy 49th.

January 5, 2010

Gavin, smiling as usual.

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gavin hat.jpg  Gavin, Nicholas and Tiffany-Ann went sledding before they flew home to LA.  I don’t know if this photo was taken before or after the sledding, but obviously he had a good time with Tiffany-Ann’s hat.  What a great time we had with the visiting Beisels and LA Raicharts.  With their permission I’ll post more photos in the coming days.