April 24, 2010

A Walk Over the Hudson

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wheres the train.jpg     Randy.jpg     old poughkeepsie.jpg      ocean bound.jpg      Looking west.jpg      East Shore looking south.jpg       A sailboat.jpg   train background.jpg    poughkeepsie.jpg   church,river,bridge.jpg

 We went for a Walk Over the Hudson this afternoon.  The newest New York State Park in our area is the Walk Over the Hudson, a converted railroad bridge (well over 100 years old) that connects Poughkeepsie with the west shore of the Hudson River.  What a great walk.  It was about 2 miles long, and very high.  When it opened in October, Pete Seeger perched himself at the midway point and sang This Land is Your Land.  I can’t wait to do this in the fall, though it was beautiful today.




April 20, 2010

How Noah and Claire Started Their Spring Break

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We got to spend a little time with the Portland grandkids this past weekend while Ginny and Craig had a little time to themselves without children.  It started to rain on our drive up on Friday, and it rained from Friday until Monday morning.  In spite of the cold, wet, springy weather, we managed to get a round of Putt Putt golf in.  We were happy to find a course open, and it was a pretty good course at that.  Schooners in Saco, Maine.  Next to it is the Pirates Cove, and we’ll go there on the next visit, Noah.  We had two Guys From Space parties and played many games, colored, braided hair, and Noah and I had a clothes fight with socks and underwear.  It was fun to be a kid again for a while.  Here are a few photos.

Claire braided.jpg  Claire golfing.jpg  Claire on stairs.jpg  claire swinging.jpg  Noah Golfing.jpg

April 15, 2010

100,000 Miles

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100000miles.jpg Last month we tripped to Seattle. On the way to Newark Airport, we turned over a milestone on the Sienna. Not bad for an eleven-year-old car.

       SeattleAlki.jpg  Looking toward Alki Point.  It was a beautiful, clear day.


 space needle.jpg      seattle.jpg      Two views looking east toward the city, quick phone photos.


skyline.jpg  And one skyline shot.  It’s hard to be back in NY.  I miss my Seattle people. 

April 6, 2010

Randy’s 39 again.

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Joanne and Randy at Elk River Falls.JPG    Happy Birthday to Randy!  

April 5, 2010


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A sure sign of spring is the opening of the local ice cream hang-out.  We usually indulge once a year, and sometimes we forget and miss a year or two.  But tonight we had a real reason to celebrate, so after dinner we trekked to Weirs for ice cream.  The place was built from a kit in the mid 1950’s.  How cool is that? 

April 4, 2010

Our Easter Parade.

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shells.jpgRandy Five Mile Pint.jpgRandy Black Rock Light.jpgodd drive by.jpgNew Haven .jpgJoanne Five Mile Point.jpgHolding the bounty.jpgenchanted gardens and ponds.jpgcool quartz.jpgconnecticut shells today.jpg  Today Randy and I took a drive to the Connecticut shore.  This is a nice drive, about an hour and a half.  We went to three lighthouses, Black Rock, (third photo from left, with Randy in foreground) Stratford, which isn’t pictured here because it’s in my phone and I’m too lazy to put it here right now, and Five Mile Point, which is also not pictured here, I notice.  Woops.  The Nor’Easters churned the ocean well, and piles and piles of great shells were everywhere.  Also pictured are two drive-bys and one pretty interesting rock photo I took for Allan, mostly.  Quirky quartz.  Maybe a deformed comglomerate, Allan?  The rock, not you.


April 2, 2010


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claire & octopusweb.jpgclaire at windowweb.jpgClaire Thanksgiving 09.jpgClaire upstairs.jpg   Here are a few photos of Claire that were taken in Maine at Thanksgiving, and upstairs during Christmas.  She is adorable.