May 23, 2010

Peepers! Now There’s a Mating Call.

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Spring Peepers.mp3  

Spring Peepers!  I recorded the last few sad, desperate peepers around the end of April, and I apologize for forgetting to post them as promised.  Here is a sampling of their song.  Just magnify it by about a thousand and you’ll have an idea of our froggie fest held each spring.  Yay! for Spring Peepers! (You might have to boost the volume a bit.)

These peepers live in the wetland behind our house.  If you want to hear them live, just call us in March.  You can hear them over the phone, while we are indoors.  They are incredibly LOUD enmasse.  I giggle every time I hear them.


May 13, 2010


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double rainbow.jpg       rainbow.jpg   Don’t you just love a good rainbow?  This one was a double, and the clouds soon devoured it, one day a week or so ago.