September 15, 2010

The Blue Ox returns.

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Vanagon Portsmouth NH2.jpg  Here’s an image to go along with the Toto tune “Africa”, Nicholas.  Our Blue Ox was identical to this van we spotted in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Monday.  (Except, of course, ours was usually clean, and had no close-to-the-ocean rust.) 

September 14, 2010

Noah, Claire and the Wall.

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Noah Lego.jpg   claire on bike.jpg  Noah and Claire are growing up.  Claire rides a bike really well now, and Noah made a Lego Movie Theater for us.  Noah is in the second grade, and Claire just started all day Kindergarten at Longfellow Elementary. 

Wall 1.jpg  Wall 2.jpg  Wall 3.jpg  Craig’s wall.  He dug out the asphalt behind their house, sifted it, and is using the stone to make a retaining wall.  That’s Charlie with a haircut in the picture.  He’s an old affectionate dog.  Also seen in Maine this trip:  Banded Galloway cows. AKA Oreo cows or police car cows. 

September 13, 2010

The Maine Lighthouse Tour. And More.

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MLT Begin.jpg  To mark the ninth anniversary of the third non annual bike ride down the Oregon Coast, we did the Maine Lighthouse Tour bike ride this past weekend.  This is a photo from the start of the ride.  We left right after I took this phone photo.

MLT Bug Light.jpg  Within about five minutes, we were at this lighthouse.  It’s the bug light in South Portland. 

Wolf Point 2.jpg  If you’ve never been to Maine, you’re missing out.  The ride was the BEST EVER!