October 23, 2010

Teton Valley October 2010

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Teton Valley from Hole in Rock.jpgMom Oct 2010.jpgHenrys Fork.jpg

 L-R:  Teton Valley from the Hole in the Rock corner, Mother, and the Henry’s Fork from the Greenway in St. Anthony. 

Phone photos all.  The valley looked great, all decked out in fall finery.  Teton Pass was ablaze in yellow quakies and tamarack.  The weather held for me–though I know winter is nearby, since the plane needed deicing in Jackson Hole.  Snow is on tap this week.  Thanks to Joyce for driving me to and from Jackson and for the day in Idaho Falls and night in Jackson.  Good sister time. 

October 12, 2010

More Mystic.

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mystic seaport villageweb.jpg       JD Driggs shopweb.jpg   Mystic Seaport Village.  The J.D. Driggs shop is the first building from the right.  It’s weird to think of the man making harpoons and the like to slaughter whales.  That’s the nineteenth century for you.

from morgan web.jpg  The view from inside the Charles Morgan. 


A beautiful day in Connecticut.

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toot toot tug web.jpg     baby tugs web.jpg  Mystic Seaport is a favorite destination for hobby tugboat captains.  These three little boats are a lot of fun for them, so we hear.  The key doesn’t really wind up the Toot Toot tug, but it does go around when the engine is on.  The little ships are immaculate.    Randy especially liked the itty bitty tires and the mops.

Charles Morgan bow web.jpg  The star of the Mystic show has to be the Charles Morgan.  This is the last surviving wooden whaler from the 19th century.  The public is allowed on board during the renovation, which will take several years.  The ship is about 4 stories tall.  Call me Ishmael!