January 17, 2011

Assorted Mid-Winter Items

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Christmas storm 20101.jpg   This is what the aftermath of the December 26th storm looked like on our deck.  I’m beginning to think that NorEasters are bad omens for us.  Since then we’ve had another 10-12 inches or so. 


 birthday 2011.jpg  Ok so it wasn’t a very nice birthday, but what could I expect?  Funny but sad:  Scorecard of well-wishers:  1-1.  One of four kids called, but I did hear from a woman who DIED two years ago.  Facebook is creepy for sure.

 laundry shelves 2011.jpg  laundry jan 17 2011.jpg      Since the clothes dryer was bent on trying to burn the house down, we decided to replace the old washer and dryer.  Of course I plotted to use the opportunity to get the utility room painted and organized.  The shelves were Randy’s idea and project–it took him all of about ten minutes to complete.  Thanks, Randy!  I’m back in the laundry business again. 


January 3, 2011

Norman Rockwell

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We spent the afternoon yesterday at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  It was only about a 2 hour drive, just over the border off the Mass Turnpike.  I decided to follow my Droid navigation on the phone, just for fun, while driving along the Taconic State Parkway.  Droid sent us down the garden path–a shorter route, maybe, but at one point, we became acquainted with a dirt road.  Not just any dirt road–a mud road.  Luckily it only lasted about a half a mile.  It’s always an adventure to rely on the GPS. 

Nevertheless, the museum is a keeper.  We look forward to returning there in the spring.  The ride was good; it was great to clear our minds and see what is beyond the highway.  We take the Taconic often, either going biking or to Maine.  Since the hardwood forest is thick, it’s only in the dead of winter that one sees the beautiful colonial homes decked out in pine boughs, red ribbon and window candles.  I love living here.