May 26, 2011

(Not so) Hidden Falls.

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PGNA at Hidden Falls.jpg  This photo was taken on one of the family hikes to Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park, around 1986 or so.  The kids sure liked to hike in the Tetons. I don’t know what Nicholas had around his neck.  Any ideas?

May 25, 2011

Three amigos. Four counting the photographer.

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Pat, Aud, Joanne JH .jpg   A long time ago, Patrick, Audrey, Randy and I walked down the mountain in Jackson Hole.  It was a good day, though Randy will argue that the rain at the end of the impromptu hike was most unwelcome.  Randy and Audrey hiked together, and Patrick and I stayed together and arrived safely at the bottom before the rain started.

May 8, 2011

A big week for the LA Raicharts who are now the SD Raicharts.

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IMG_0018.JPG  Happy Birthdays to Nicholas and Tiffany-Ann.  Happy move to San Diego, too.   This photo was from Nick’s graduation from law school in Malibu, but they still look pretty much the same. Except Gavin, who is now three years old.  It’s been quite a week for you guys. Good luck with the new job, Nick!