June 30, 2011

Here fishy, fishy.

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Nicholas, Audrey, Dad fishing.jpg   Nicholas and Audrey enjoyed a fine day of fishing the Teton River with their grandfather, in the summer of 1995.  Good times.

June 27, 2011

A Lazuli Bunting came a’calling.

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lazuli bunting.jpg  I must be getting old.  Birdwatching has become a pasttime.  Here is a cool lazuli bunting in Driggs, on Dad’s bird feeder.  He used to sit in his chair and watch the birds on the feeder.  We don’t have lazuli buntings here in the East.  I’d like to think that Dad sent them to the feeder that day to give me a treat.  Thanks!

June 16, 2011


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Friday TV group in CP.jpg  Some of the teaching volunteers at the AMNH took a field trip across the street to Central Park last spring.  Do we look like science and anthopology geeks?  Yes?  Then my job here is done.  What a great bunch of geeks we are.

June 6, 2011

A nice day for geysers, bears, and buffs.

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Joyce and Mom Yellowstone.jpg  I just returned from a visit out West.  Mother, Joyce and I spent a day in Yellowstone.  Here they are in front of the Old Faithful Inn.  We saw herds and herds of buffalo, a few of their babies, a blue heron fishing on the Yellowstone River, herds of Elk, (and one lone cow elk in the middle of the highway near Ashton) a black bear, and finally, at long last, just before arriving at the Jackson Hole airport (thanks, Joyce and Lee) a moose.  I should not forget the lazuli buntings and western tanagers.