October 31, 2011

Pippy and Pal.

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beisel halloweenweb.jpg  The Mainer grandchildren did the holiday well, don’t you think?  So cute, Noah and Claire.  Miss you guys.

October 30, 2011

We got a little snow.

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morning afterweb.jpgblue skiesweb.jpgToms treeweb.jpg

When the storm was about an hour old, the neighbor across the street lost one of his trees when it split down the middle.  He lost another large tree last night.

Then sun rose over a beautiful white blanket this morning.  We are lucky–we have buried utilities and usually we don’t lose power.  Randy’s been on the phone all morning assessing needs in the ward.  More folks are powerless than those of us with power.  Our biggest issues are phone and internet, which are both sporadic.

Isn’t it beautiful, though?  We received a foot of heavy, wet snow in about 9 hours.

Happy Halloween!

October 19, 2011

I left my heart in San Diego.

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Gavin jumping in.jpgGavin smiling in pool.jpg  Gavin is always moving–but once i got lucky and caught him before he actually hit the water    he’s not really walking on water; he’s about to break the surface  I miss them already.

A Zooing

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Nick & Gavin zooing.jpgPanda swing.jpgCA Condor.jpg  Love, love love that california condor

Nicholas goes a’surfing.

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Cardiff beach guys .jpg  Randy spending time  with Bones.Nick & Randy Cardiff.jpg  Getting ready to head out.

heading out.jpg  And here they go.  Nick Cardiff.jpg That’s Nicholas out there on his board.

TA & Gavin .jpg  TA & Gavin on the beach  TA on beach.jpg  Tiffany-ann getting that rare moment by herself

Sadie Jane’s Blessing Day.

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Nick & TA Raichart family .jpg We just returned from San Diego to meet little Sadie Jane.  Here she is with her family on her blessing day.  She was blessed in the Woodland Hills Ward where Tiffany-Ann grew up.  Nicholas gave her a sweet blessing.

Sadie in chair.jpg  Here she is just hangin’ out in her chair at home.

Sadie Jane blessing day.jpg    TA & Sadie.jpg  Proud Grandma and Tiffany-Ann show off the Star of the day.

October 3, 2011

Applesaucing time again.

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2011 batchweb.jpg  Ginny & Claire came for applesaucing this weekend.  We made a few varieties this time–including Red Hot and Wild Berry.  This is one day’s work.

ginny, claire 2011web.jpg  Claire and Ginny hard at work at the Victorio Strainer.  We had a system.  I love to work with my girls–this was hard work, but a fun family time, too.