November 29, 2011

A Maine Thanksgiving

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Old Town Portland.jpg   Old Town Portland’s inviting storefronts lured Randy, Ginny and I to do a bit of looking around on Saturday.  That’s Ginny walking ahead of the Something’s Fishy sign.

Ginny and Randy Maine Maritime Museum.jpg   On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we drove the few minutes north to Bath, to the Maine Maritime Museum which is next to the Bath Iron Works.  It’s an indoor-outdoor museum.  Despite the snow, the temperatures were in the upper fifties in the afternoon, and the coldest spots at the museum were found inside the various buildings.  Those folks built ships in unheated buildings throughout the Maine winter.  Brrrrr….  Here’s Randy and Ginny checking out their navigation to the next exhibit.

Noah and fish.jpgNoah waiting to eat.jpg  Noah is going to be popular with the girls, if he isn’t already. Here he is waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, and hanging out with some fish.  He was inside of the fish tank at LL Bean’s flagship store in Freeport.  Dad would have loved to watch those fish.

Ginny and the bird.jpg  Ginny cooked a wonderful feast for us.  We had the best time!  It was a wonderful weekend.  Thanks, Beisels!!

November 20, 2011

She’s a little Buddha, but she’s our little Buddha.

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Mia on chair.jpg  If she could talk, Mia might say “what are YOU looking at?”  We’re trying to help her slim down, we really are.  Since she is, after all, a cat, we use her inherent curiosity to our advantage and coax her into running from room to room looking for affection.  Silly animal.  We’re hoping for a pound off this year.  Yes, that’s this year.