April 26, 2012

Cardinal on the deck.

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ride side cardinal web.jpgface front cardinalweb.jpgcardinal deck.jpg Cardinals are fond of our feeders.  This guy seemed to like to show off his profile.  Skittish little birdies they are, and actually getting one to hang out for a photo session is a rarity.

April 8, 2012

Mia the Fat Cat.

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Mia.jpg Mia has relaxation down to an art.  I think I took this photo a couple of years ago.  Mia’s in the habit of waiting until I rise from my chair while teaching piano, then she jumps onto it and lounges until I accidentally sit on her.  You’d think she’d learn.  She is not any flatter for the experience, though.  Mia the Fat Cat.

After a second look at this photo, I see that Mia’s sitting at the dulcimer.  She’s an equal-opportunity instrument loving cat.