September 30, 2012

To arch or not to arch.

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People don’t know what to say. Most, if not all of you who read this blog, are aware that I have breast cancer.  Today at church an acquaintence of mine approached me with a hug, and blirted out (and I’m not making this up)” If I had breast cancer, I would want to have it on the right side, because I tried archery once, and my right one really got in the way.  I could do archery if I didn’t have that one, so it would just be ok by me if they took it off.”  She was rubbing her boob the whole time. Holy cow it was funny.  Her husband had told her he heard I was sick, and this is what she thought of to say.  So far, I think this reaction wins the prize for originality.  By the way, I’m not revealing whether I’ll be a better archer or not.

I’ve decided to write silly things and thoughts that come to mind this fall, and if I get too serious or boring, please comment so that I don’t get off-track.  Please send me a little note or comment if you have a question or a complaint.  I hope I don’t offend anyone, because it is not my intent.

September 20, 2012

That last letter would be a “T”.

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Last night Craig told me I should write.  Since I try to take advice given by guys who appear to walk on water, here is a little musing about today.  Blogging seems self indulgent but, like I care, so you can stop back and read, or not.  I’m going to try to get back to blogging in the short term, anyway.

Last night the upstairs tv cable box bought the farm.  It’s been on the critical list for months, but finally, it was lights-out for good. (Do I get exra points for multiple trite phrases?)   So this morning Randy (who is working from home this week) ran it into the Time Warner Cable folks to exchange it for a working model.  He walked into the place, where he was the only customer and it was a scene right out of Meet the Parents, you know, the scene where Ben Stiller is waiting to board a plane at Islip and he’s the only passenger waiting, and the gate agent makes him wait to board until his turn.  Randy had to take a ticket and wait until they called his number before the Time Warner guy would wait on him.  The best part of this story is that this is actually the second time in a year that this has happened.

Have you ever noticed how stress takes your brain away?  How easy it is to forget numbers, details, whatever, when you are distracted by something?  This morning Randy was signing into his work computer and got as far as R A I C H A R .  That last letter would be a T, Randy.

It’s going to be a long fall.