November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving in New York

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Claire (7) at Awosting Falls.jpgNoah (9) Awosting Falls.jpg  Usually we head to Maine for Thanksgiving, but this year we all decided to have it here.  After a day of eating turkey and hanging out playing Apples to Apples, we motored to Port Jervis on Friday morning for a guided tour of the glass factory.  Minnewaska State Park was next on our agenda.  All of these photos were taken at Awosting Falls in the park.

Beisel Family Full .jpg      Beisels Close.jpg  It was good to have all of the Beisels here.

Randy & Joanne Awosting Falls.jpg

November 2, 2012

An Update on Sandy

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Randy’s office at 55 Water next to the East River in Lower Manhattan is still off the grid, waterlogged, and inaccessible until further notice. He’s been on conference calls several times a day since Sandy marched on out. It may be weeks before he can get back in–who knows. We are hoping that the structure is sound and it won’t be too long. We are unbelievably fortunate, given the horrible state of much of the Tri State area.

About twelve hours after our power came back on, our furnace died. We’ve been without heat for about 40 hours. The repairman was supposed to be here yesterday, but he is having a hard time finding fuel to travel here. Stations around here are out of gas, too. It’s going to get colder tonight but we are doing ok. The fireplace keeps the living room warm and yesterday we cleaned the oven, which brought the temperature up about 7 degrees. Plus the oven is clean.

Hopefully we will get the furnace fixed tomorrow.

As for my recovery, I am working on it. I will start teaching again next week. It’s been nice to be incognito, and I’m enjoying it a little too much. Fighting a little sad time. Anxious to have the treatment plan finalized and the new body finished.

So I’ve decided I need another project. Another recital, in the spring or summer this time.