February 15, 2013

Forty Years of this. Wow. Happy Anniversary to US!!!!

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Here are a few photos to remind Randy of our past.  Our anniversary is tomorrow, Feb. 16th.  It was -42 degrees the night we got married.  Good grief.  Happy Anniversary to my Swext Baboo.

kiss.jpg  Well,we had to do something to keep warm.

umpqua grade.jpg  The Umpqua Grade.  Riding the Oregon Coast was FUN!

chicken dance.jpg  The Chicken Dance.

bike truing.jpg  Truing my bike.

Ginny and Randy Maine Maritime Museum.jpg In Maine with Ginny.

Patrick.jpg  In better times, with Patrick

Gavin riding grandpa.jpg  Gavin riding your back.

Cardiff beach guys .jpg  Heading into the Cardiff surf.  Three buddies.

Audrey and Randy Jan. 20131.jpg  Audrey in the snow.

buddies mia and randy.jpg  Just lounging around with Mia.

February 4, 2013

Audrey visited New York and I took her picture.

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Audrey and Randy Jan. 2013.jpg   Randy and I took the week off to play with Audrey last week. I took their picture on a cold, snowy day in the city.  Still, happy people.

Sadie Jane eating pudding.jpg  Sadie Jane being what she is–very cute.