August 6, 2013

Allez!! Allez!! Nick!

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Nick SD Ride away.jpgNick SD Ride.jpg  Nick is back into riding.  He’s an animal.  One of the coolest things about his riding is the bike he’s on.  The frame is the original Specialized Allez that he got when he was a young teenager.  It was a hot bike then.  After Nick’s mission he and his dad tore it down to the frame and upgraded it to a triple ring.  Recently he got new wheels for it, and now he rides like the wind all over again. He and Tiffany-Ann smoked Randy on a recent ride in San Diego.

Here are pictures of Nicholas as a young dude on the same bike.

nick boise bike.jpg Nick in front of the Milclay Street house in Boise.

nick preparing for ride.jpg Preparing to ride Jackson Pass.

nick pass front.jpg  Nick on top of Jackson Pass after the ride.

nick jackson pass.jpg  Nick just finishing the ride.

I’m still trying to find the photo of Randy and Nick working on the bike in Coeur D’Alene.

Allez!! Allez!! Nick!