March 31, 2014

Out like a lamb.

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5307661722_6c6e8c601d_b.jpg Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. I especially miss Dad on April Fool’s Day. Dad loved a good practical joke. I could always count on him to do something to the sugar or salt shaker or tell me some outlandish story and hope that I would believe it on April Fool’s Day. Maybe that’s where I learned the “practical arts”.  I also miss Jeanette, my partner in crime, on the fool’s holiday. Nowadays I’m a little lazy with the jokes, but we still manage to get a few doozies in now and then. I think Dad would be proud. For now though, I’m mostly retired. It’s been a rough winter, but it looks like she’s going out like a lamb after all.

March 2, 2014

Meeting Gideon.

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Ginny started it. It was her idea that eventually grew into a great plan. So the Beisels, Wrights, San Diego Raicharts and Randy and I met on the Oregon Coast for Christmas week, 2013.  What a great week it was! Audrey and James welcomed little Gideon on December 2nd, so they had time to get acquainted with the little fellow before the whole family descended on their party.  Beisels arrived first, on December 22nd, and we followed the next day.  This is the first thing we saw when we walked in the door.

Christmas Tree LC.jpg  We rented the Jetty House in Lincoln City, and the landlord had the place decorated nicely for the holidays before we arrived.

front view jetty house.jpg  This is the view out the front window. The weather was perfect every day and the ocean provided lots of fun, from walks and running on the beach to ’smores and campfire.

Craig and Claire on the beach.jpg   Craig and Claire on the beach.  Sadie Jane with Rock.jpg  Sadie Jane and a rock.

Nick meets Gideon.jpg  Gideon was a big attraction.  Here he is meeting Nicholas.

Three cousins.jpg  Three cousins spending some rare quiet down time in the evening.

ginny hanging out.jpg  Ginny just hanging out.  That’s Gavin walking away.

Audrey and Gideon.jpg  Here’s the main attraction with his mama Audrey.

Randy on deck.jpg  Randy taking in some rays.  Notice the shirtsleeves in December on the Oregon coast.  Not bad.

apples to apples.jpg We put the lovely large family-size table to good use. Here we are playing Apples to Apples.  Claire usually wins.

cheese factory.jpg  Here Nick, Tiffany-Ann, Gavin and Sadie Jane are watching the cheesemakers at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

These are just a few of the photos.  Thanks to Audrey for taking nice individual family photos and entire family photos on the beach one evening.  Thanks to everyone for all of the fun playing ping pong, pool, air hockey, foosball, running on the beach, ’smores, hot tubbing, swimming at the community center, games, eating Christmas Dinner together, the wii, touristing around Lincoln City, the cheese factory, etc. etc.  Thanks to Audrey and James for being good sports about driving the 45 minutes to the beach each day.  It was the best Christmas we’ve ever had.  And we’re old, so that’s saying a lot. Sadly, Patrick was missing, but maybe someday.